A downloadable game for Windows

2.5D Side - Scroll Slash Action!!

Currently under development.

In this demo version you can play the stage early.

Developer Twitter @InkyoGPG

Install instructions

Unzip zip and start "Liblade.exe".
XInput compatible game pad.
DirectX 11 compatible GPU.


Liblade.zip 250 MB


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i can continue at start screen, any key not respond. how to do i?

Really nice work. Keep it up!


Can DS4Windows work on this?

I Love this game so much I made a video :)

bloody ammazing

Great game. a lot of fun.  a little suggestion, Can you make RS button auto attack? like when you push it to a centern direction,It keep attack at that direction otherwise it really easy to make thumb tired.

My gameplay video.

Ooo boy! That was a lot of fun! Loved every second of this game! Every action is so fluid and the diversity of attacks is pretty great! Can not wait for the full game! I hope you enjoy the video! 

Played some of this on my channel! Really enjoyed myself. :D


First off, it's just downright fun. The action is fast, heavy and satisfying, not to mention it all looks damn cool! The game could likely benefit from a little more enemy variety, but I have a feeling that's just a limitation of the demo. My only real complaint is that the flick stick to attack mechanic is a little awkward when it's in a push-pull direction for the thumb as opposed to the side to side, which is quite comfortable. Overall, really well done and an interesting mash up of twin stick and hack and slash mechanics!